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USDA makes Homeownership Accessible and Affordable

  • NO DOWN PAYMENT is Required
  • 97% of the U.S. is Geographically Eligible
  • FIXED Interest Rates & FIXED Terms
  • FREE, SIMPLE Qualification Process

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Over a Million Homeowners Agree
USDA Home Loans are the Right Choice

Since the program’s inception, USDA Home Loans have made the American Dream possible for nearly 1.2 Million households!
In dollars, that is over 140 BILLION in government backed home loans using this unique mortgage program.

Why is USDA the Right Home Loan?

  • No Down Payment Required on Your Home
  • 97% of the United States is Geographically Eligible
  • Fixed Interest Rates and Fixed Terms Only
  • Sensible Qualification Criteria and Process
  • No Area Based Maximum Purchase Price Limit
  • Low Interest Rates Capped by the Government
  • Less Expensive Mortgage Insurance than FHA
  • DO NOT have to be a First Time Homebuyer
  • Many Options Available to Cover Closing Costs

The Qualification Process Is

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Free
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Now is the Time for Action

Limited USDA Program Funding Allocated Annually by Congress

Annually, Congress assigns limited funding to the USDA Home Loan Program. Once it’s gone for the year, it’s gone. Acting now reserves your opportunity to participate in the USDA Home Loan Program. It’s simply an “early bird gets the worm” situation annually.

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USDA has Historically Low Interest Rates Capped by the Government

By most signs, the great recession is behind us. As such, the interest rate market has begun to rise. The good news is that USDA Home Loan interest rates are very competitive, but action should be taken now to secure a still historically low rate.

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Home Purchase Remains the Most Impactful Purchase We Ever Make

A product of recession recovery, home values are once again increasing. With each passing year Homeowners are earning more equity and Homebuyers are paying more. Those that act now should find themselves on the right side of that equation.

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Becoming Prequalified for the USDA Home Loan Program is the first, and most important, step toward homeownership. Mortgage Specialists are standing by to answer your questions and lead you through the process. Fast, Simple, and Free, you can be ready to make an offer on your home as early as today!

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